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You can now practice with our Lennox Yoga teachers from your own home. Whether you choose to join us live or practice at a later time more convenient for you, our class series will inspire you to keep practicing no matter where you are located. Our series invite you to take a deeper dive into a specific aspect of your practice and allow you to stay connected to the Lennox Yoga community.


6 Weeks to Handstand with Amelia Schrader

This series progressively explores skills, drills and techniques to take your practice and handstands to the next level. This is open to all levels; variations that support all levels of practice are offered. The first few weeks of the series will set the foundations, then we begin to explore these foundations through inverted drills and the last few weeks we put it together and take flight. 

Build your strength, mobility and confidence.

Get ready for a fun, practical and informative 6 week handstand series with Amelia Schrader.

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Morning Magic & Wellness Ways with Heidi Lampard

Learn the importance of a dedicated morning routine and holistic self care to feel clear, energised & joyfully alive. This series explores morning yoga practices including poses, breathwork, and meditation and wellness practices that you can easily incorporate into your morning to create a routine that works for you.

Start your day with intention and vitality.

Transform your mornings and yourself in this 6 week yoga and wellness series with Heidi Lampard.

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